German teachers honor excellence


April 18, 2014


The attached news release is shared on behalf of the Alaska Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German. Congratulations to ASD student winners.


April 15, 2014


The Alaska Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) celebrated the Eighth Annual German Studies Awards Ceremony and Reception on April 15, 2014 at East High School. The event recognizes elementary, middle school, high school, and university students in Alaska who have achieved excellence in German studies. ASD School Board President Tam Agosti-Gisler welcomed students to the event and local triathlete Jens Beck spoke to students about his immigration experience from Germany to the United States. He also shared his experiences learning English and training for athletic events while drawing parallels between athletic and linguistic prowess. Jessi McMullen, ASD graduate, shared her experience in Germany as a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Recipient for the 2012-2013 academic year. Honored guests included ASD Chief Academic Officer Mike Graham and ASD Director of World Languages Brandon Locke.


Charles Beattie and Christoph Waidhauser received the German Teaching Intern of the Year award. Beattie is completing a Master of Arts in Teaching via the University of Alaska Southeast's program. Beattie spent a rigorous year working in German departments at Chugiak and Service High School where he demonstrated distinguished service. He holds a BA in German from UAA and is a former Fulbright Teaching Assistant Scholarship recipient. Waidhauser, a teacher education candidate from Munich, assists with German instruction at South High School and is one of ten German Language Teaching Assistants (GLTAs) working in the USA this year. The Federal Republic of Germany's Academic Exchange Office (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst – PAD) sponsored this pilot program in collaboration with the AATG. Both Beattie and Waidhauser have volunteered extensively outside of the classroom at events such as German Camp and World Language Declamation.


Tom Honer, a UAA German program student, received the German Learning Opportunities Website (GLOW) award given to an outstanding German student in each chapter of the AATG. Mary Burr, a sophomore at East High School, received the Langenscheidt award, recognizing the outstanding German student in the Alaska Chapter of the AATG. William Kimball of West High School received the Outstanding German Teacher Award, granted annually to a teacher in each AATG chapter for excellence in the instruction of German.


Chugiak High School student Alicia Reitz was honored as a 2014-2015 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) scholarship recipient, and UAA student Ryan Bergerson was honored as a 2014-2015 CBYX for Young Professionals scholarship recipient. Annually 250 American high school students and 75 young professionals, ages 18-24, receive these scholarships. Reitz and Bergeson will spend the next year studying and working in Germany. UAA students Angelica Remaley and Tom Honer received recognition as 2014-2015 Fulbright Teaching Assistant Scholarship recipients. Horner will teach English in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen and Remaley will teach English in the state of Sachsen. The US government awards 140 teaching assistant scholarships to Germany annually.


Outstanding University German Students of the Year: UAA:

Otto Gilbert and Jordan Norquist


Outstanding High School German Students of the Year:

Bartlett High School: Heather Lindsay

Chugiak High School: Amalia Morse

Dimond High School: Gavin Davis

Eagle River High School: Hannah Gershel

East High School: Alexander Hamm

Service High School: Emily Dreher

South High School: Danielle DePaepe

West High School: Edwin Burton


Outstanding Middle School German Students of the Year:

Hanshew Middle School: Haley Jensen

Northern Lights ABC: Clarisse Mock


Outstanding Immersion School German Students of the Year:

Rilke Schule: Hazel Pedersen, Sammy Stevens and Michella Schaffer


The Alaska Chapter of AATG also honored high school students who scored competitively on the National German Exams for High School Students given by the AATG. The exams are designed for Levels 2, 3, and 4 and approximately 24,000 students in the USA took them this year. Students scoring in the 70th percentiles nationwide received bronze awards, those in the 80th percentiles received silver awards and those scoring in the 90th percentiles received gold awards.



Chugiak High School: Dane Breitung, Steven Hobbs and Aileen Page

Dimond High School: Liesel von Imhof, Sophie Pakak Boerner, and Skylar Curtis

Eagle River High School: Hannah Gershel, Michael Prado, Anna Sorvoja, Sierra Spiller, and Ciera Stafford

East High School: Karen Biondich, Mary Burr, Alice Prentice and Kelsey Ebert Service High School: Rebekah Padgett, Emily Dreher, Kelcey Bloss and Jordan Uhart South High School: Annika Flynn, Emily Norman, Chase Lentfer and Hayden Arend West High School: Ioana Lobontiu, Sarah Powell and Noelle Coniglio



Chugiak High School: Jonathan Banovetz, Andrew Noble, Brendan Spees and Thane Perish

Dimond High School: Brynn Sulte

Eagle River High School: Jordan Ricker, Sarah Boelter and Taylor Holshouser

East High School: Collette Kawagley and Jason Scott

Service High School: Gwendolyn Cooper, Matthew Wallender, Romane Seas, John Roberts Anebom, Kaylee Gorrod, Cecilie Arroyo and Sarah Amundsen

South High School: Thomas Weddleton, Romy Bailey, Kelly McGinnis, Melanie Bartenstein, Dani DePaepe, and Kaelyn Schenkenberger

West High School: Brian Hanni, Sarah Kompsie, Peter Knoch, and Francesca Panarotto



Chugiak High School: Grace Foster, Brooks Klehr, Harrison Houston, Ronald Wagoner, Gannon Don, Isabel LaRue, Ashleigh Bransky, Taylor Tuttle and David Wedyke

Dimond High School: Kendal Williams, Benjamen Beaver, and Alexander Noah

Eagle River High School: Hayden Riebe, Maria Soshnin, Dylan Denter, Daniel McLain, Nicholas Roth and Daniel Prior

East High School: Neal Koeneman and Hallie Moore

Service High School: Ava Metzger, Julia Hinkle, Ezra Hogue-Corwin, Noah Dean, Zachary Flynn, Daniyil Robbins, Patrick Grieco, Alan Beacham, Molly Johnson, Jaena Quintinilla, Hunter Thompson and Julia Miknich

South High School: Grant Kniefel, Amanda Lundgren, Jacob Kaas, Trevor Kirn, Claire Gamble, Madison Webster, Sarah Lundgren, Madison Sauder, Katie Hines

West High School: Emily Vierthaler, Megan Green, Daylen Domeyer, Benjamin Mildon and Adrien Phillips

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