School board completes superintendent’s evaluation


January 23, 2015


News Release
Contact: Eric Croft, Anchorage School Board President
(907) 742-4315


The Anchorage School board has completed an intense evaluation of Superintendent Ed Graff’s performance for 2014. The board is proud to have Mr. Graff serving the district and our students. His ethics, honesty, knowledge of district operations and commitment to public education are exceptional.


We have set very high goals for our students. Under Mr. Graff’s leadership, we are making substantial progress towards meeting those goals. Because even the best teacher cannot help a student who is not in school, we have concentrated on attendance first and have made the largest gains there. The board looks forward to working with Superintendent Graff to meet all of our Destination 2020 goals.


Superintendent Graff’s contract runs through March 18, 2016. 

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