Students present "Every 15 Minutes"


April 24, 2013


The following news release is shared on behalf of the Anchorage Police Department.


Anchorage Police Department
Press Release
April 23, 2013
Contact: Dani Myren
APD Public Affairs
786-8699 Office


Subject: Every 15 Minutes


The students at Eagle River High School will participate in a powerful program called Every 15 Minutes this Wednesday and Thursday, April 24th and 25th, 2013.


Every 15 Minutes is an orchestrated two-day event designed to dramatically instill teenagers with the potentially dangerous and devastating consequences of drinking alcohol and driving impaired.


Throughout Wednesday, April 24th, one student every 15 minutes will be identified as the "living dead". Police officers will read student obituaries in class, and provide death notifications to the "deceased" student's family.


Between 8:40 AM and 9:50 AM that same day there will be a CRASH SCENARIO AND EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONSE at the Eagle River High School student lot, where rescue workers will respond and treat "injured" student participants.


At the end of the first day, student participants will be transported to a local facility for an overnight retreat to simulate the "immediate and sudden separation from friends and family".


On Thursday, beginning at 11:45 AM, a memorial service will be held at the Eagle River high school gymnasium. The memorial program includes the following:


11:45 AM Memorial Service Begins

  • ROTC Color Guard
  • Processional of coffins
  • Video of prior day's events

11:55 AM Guest Speakers – 2 ERHS students and 2 ERHS parents

12:10 PM Guest Speakers – real DUI victim

12:40 PM Family reunion – Officer Shackelford

12:45 AM Recessional

Attached is an informative letter that further describes the elements of this 2 day program. Every 15 Minutes provides students with a powerful illustration of the devastating effects driving impaired or riding with someone who is can have on themselves, their friends, their families and our entire community.


A prominent member of the Eagle River community will be participating in both days of the event. All students and parents in the role-play have signed releases, and will be accessible to members of the media upon request through Officer Shackelford.


Please contact APD Officer Wendi Shackelford at 742-3219 for more details and with further questions.


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