The Raven’s Gift


September 18, 2017


Art in the Sky artist, Daniel Dancer, spent a week at Ravenwood Elementary School as Artist in Residence, leading the students and staff to create a visual piece of art, “The Raven’s Gift.” 500 students and staff formed an Alaska Native art style raven at the school in Eagle River.


In addition to the outstanding work by the students and staff Ravenwood Elementary School Principal, Kim Bautista, said “Thank you to everyone who made our Artist in Residence EPIC student mural happen on such short notice.” The weather was a major factor in determining which day the students could actually make the raven and complete the video project.


To ASD maintenance crew, Ms. Bautista, said, “I can’t thank you enough for all the hoops and project maneuvering you must have had to go through to make this happen so quickly for our school! Knowing how stretched your crews already are, I really tried to make ASD our back-up plan, but when our other bucket trucks fell through at the last minute, we found ourselves in desperate need of your help to pull it off.”


ASD maintenance crew went to Ravenwood with a bucket truck which Ms. Baustista called, “Amazing!” Saying it is another example that it DOES take a village, she said, “Hopefully, it was as unique and memorable for them, as it was for our school community.”

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