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Can I pick up a check for someone else?
Yes, as long as you have an original note with their signature on it. Faxes and copies will not be accepted.
Can I pick up my check early?
Checks are not available for early pick-up.
Why did the substitute or temporary employee's check not go to the unit?
Because substitutes and temporary employees do not have a regular work location, all of their checks are available on pay day at Payroll Services at the ASD Education Center, 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd.
Can I change my pay location?
Employees can fill out form #726 Paycheck Distribution Request to have their check delivered to a school. A new form must be filled out to change or stop delivery to a location.
If I don't pick up my check or advice slip in Payroll Services what will happen?
Checks or advices that are not picked up on pay day will be placed in the U.S. mail on the next business day.
How do I get a copy of my check stub or W2?
Employees can log in to District Connection and view their direct deposit pay advices online or you can come by Payroll Services at the ASD Education Center, 5530 E Northern Lights Blvd. to get a copy. Applicable fees may apply.
When will my direct deposit take affect?
Direct deposit takes one pay cycle to pre-note, and following a successful pre-note your direct deposit will take place the next pay cycle. Download a copy of the direct deposit authorization form.
How can I check on my addendum?
Addendum information can be found on District Connection. You must be on a district network computer to access the information. Once you are logged in to the Web site, just click on the Addenda Information link to check the status of your addendum.

Wellness day information

Wellness day information can be found in the Totem Association contract, section 401.9. You can access that information via the Totem Association website:

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