Pay advice statement graphic

A guide to your pay advice statement

1. REGHR – Regular pay in Hours (biweekly); REGULAR – Monthly paid employees


2. UANNH – Used Annual Leave in Hours (biweekly); UANND – Used Annual Days (monthly); USICD – Used Sick Days (monthly)


3. Total Earnings – Gross pay


4. Start DT– Start of the pay period*


5. End DT – End of the pay period*


6. Check DT – Pay date


7. Tax Filing Status – Your form W4 information

8. FICA – Social Security


9. PERS/or TRS – State Retirement Programs


10. Great West – 403B Deduction


11. EFT, EFT2– Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit)


12. Net Pay – Amount left over after all deductions. (If you are on direct deposit, this field will be zero)


13. YEAR-TO-DATE – Calendar year-to-date totals (January through ­December)


Accrued – Amount of leave accrued in the pay period. If monthly paid, this will show on the first regular check of the new school year.

Balance – The current available balance as of the last leave reporting date

Days/Hours – This refers to whether your leave balances are represented either by days or hours

YTD Usage – Amount of leave used in the current calendar year (January through December)

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