Impacting school success

ASD believes that students who practice SEL skills are better able to perform at their best, academically and in life."

Social and emotional learning helps students become knowledgeable, capable, caring and responsible through the teaching of SEL skills. SEL is not about teaching values, but rather about equipping students with the skills that they need to achieve important life tasks.


SEL can greatly impact student learning and school success. If teachers model positive SEL behaviors and positively reinforce SEL skills, students are more likely to feel comfortable approaching teachers and classmates. This strengthens their relationship skills.


Explore more about SEL with these resources


Strategy for Student Success

SEL brochure

The Strategy for Student Success brochure is a great place to start learning about what SEL is, why it's important, how it impacts students and their success, and what parents can do to help.


Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

CASEL works to advance the science of SEL; expand integrated, evidence-based SEL practice; and strengthen the field and impact of SEL. ASD became a Collaborating District with CASEL in 2011.


On the Web


SEL in school video


These videos, produced by ASD-TV, provide insight into how SEL is being implemented at ASD:

  • SEL in School
    Principal Vicki Hodge talks about SEL and its role at Baxter Elementary
  • SEL in the Workforce
    KCC Principal Lou Pondolfino talks about how students with SEL skills are more prepared to enter the workforce
  • SEL and Common Core
    Former Social Studies Coordinator Pamela Orme talks about how the Common Core State Standards and SEL standards come together to produce strong outcomes in the classroom.


Lee Butterfield, teacher at Goldenview Middle School, created a video considering both what SEL looks like in the classroom and what a classroom looks like without SEL


Edutopia, an nationwide educational foundation, has also featured ASD's SEL efforts:

Implementation and Sustainability Process (ISP)

The SEL team provides services to implement and build sustainable districtwide SEL based on research and best practices through credit classes; professional development modules; and consultation and collaboration with principals, school leadership teams and district departments.



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