Career readiness

ASD's mission is to prepare all students for success in life. This includes arming students with the skills necessary to compete in today's workforce. Each of the social and emotional learning standards have a direct correlation with the Youth Employability Skills (YES!) identified by chief executive officers, personnel directors and other employer representatives as critical to good employees. Check out the Want a Great Career? poster on the Alaska Career Ready website to learn more about these skills.


Want a Great Career poster

Download the poster here


SEL supports what employers wants

SEL makes good things happen for students. Research has shown that skills like managing your emotions, showing consideration and demonstrating responsibility can be taught by schools and those skills can withstand whatever pressures students may encounter outside of the school day.


Employable skills:
SEL skillHow do students demonstrate that skill?What do employers look for?
Student demonstrates awareness of their emotions. Acknowledge an emotion and determine the appropriate time and place to safely digest it. Employee does not let personal problems interfere with getting the work done, either by being distracted at work or by failing to come to work or be on time.

Student uses effective decision-making skills.

Consider ethical, safety and societal factors when making decisions. Apply decision-making skills to develop responsible social and work relationships and to make healthy life-long choices. Employee can identify source of problem; demonstrates good common sense; is creative and innovative.
Student demonstrates ability to set and achieve goals. Set goals for life after high school, with action steps, timeframes and criteria for evaluating achievement. Employee sets personal goals. Able to see long-term results of efforts on the job and put in time and effort before expecting a promotion.
Student demonstrates awareness of other people's emotions and perspectives.

Identify verbal, physical and other cues that indicate how others may feel.

Can talk with people to understand their perspective.

Express empathy towards others.

Value and learn from the perspectives of others.

Employee understands customer's expectations.
Student uses positive communication and social skills to interact effectively with others.

Demonstrates strategies for working as a team with peers, adults and others in the community.

Offer and accept constructive criticism in order to make improvements.

Use assertive communication to get their needs met without negatively impacting others.

Employee expresses ideas clearly and concisely to individuals and in groups; has good customer communication skills.

Able to comprehend what is said and take action.

Able to work as a productive team member.

Shares information, works well and credits other workers.


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