Interested in being a Host Teacher?

Each semester the Professional Learning Department surveys principals in the district to ask if they have any teachers in their buildings interested in being a Host Teacher for the upcoming semester.  If you are interested in being a Host Teacher, the first step, then, is to let your principal know.


Common characteristics possessed by Host Teachers

  • Interest in professional leadership
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Open minds with positive perspectives
  • Content knowledge and best practice strategies
  • Collegiality and a genuine concern for others' growth
  • Dependability, responsiveness, and responsibility


Specific Requirements

ASD’s Host Teacher requirements are intended to meet or exceed those established by most universities and the State of Alaska.   Current requirements are:

  • a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience
  • at least the last year of experience must have been in the district
  • a valid Type T Professional or Master Teacher Certificate, with an endorsement in the current area of teaching
  • principal recommendation



Aside from the professional and personal growth that taking on a student teacher affords, there are often specific training and educational opportunities associated with the position.  Some universities offer credit courses to host teachers. Additionally, ASD offers peer support through Collegial Cohorts, the three-hour Host Teacher Seminar workshop, and Mentor Communication Skills—a one-credit course.

Host Teacher

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