About Us 

The IT Project Management Office (PMO) provides project management services, facilitates business processes and supports IT Governance projects. The PMO works with departments, programs and schools to implement these projects and ensure that there is an efficient process in place after completion.


PMO advocates a districtwide project management system and facilitates business process development by providing services that align district initiatives and promote collaboration.


Information Technology Governance (ITG)

The Anchorage School District (ASD) has implemented the Information Technology Governance (ITG). The ITG is a governance committee comprised of ASD Chiefs serving to develop an effective framework for intelligent IT decision-making, organization, control, and project management. ITG offers immense opportunities for increases in operational efficiency, service improvement, and return on IT investment.


In order for a project to be considered for ITG, please complete the ITG: Project Request Form.


The ITG: Project Request Form was developed for interested customers to begin the IT Project Request Process. This form will initiate the ITG project request and decision-making processes, identify all unique needs and considerations of each project, and ensure critical decisions are strategic and technically sound.


Current Projects

Telecoms Conversion

IT is currently reviewing options for converting district telecommunications infrastructure from an antiquated system to a more user friendly and cost efficient option. During the 2015-16 school year, field trials were implemented across five schools. Using those field trials, the project team is evaluating which solution will foster increased communication and create a safer environment within our schools.


Contact: Ryan Thrasher


Q Upgrade

ASD is upgrading its current student information system from Zangle to Q, which is completely web-based. Q has added features and improved functionality that will provide a more streamlined tool for end-users, creating a more positive experience for ASD staff while also allowing for easier maintenance by our IT applications team.



Contact: Ryan Thrasher


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