Workers' Compensation


Workers’ Compensation protection is a statutory requirement for employers.   The law provides that injured employees will be compensated for medical expenses and lost time from work due to a work-related injury.  A work-related injury is defined as an injury or illness that occurred in the course and scope of the employee’s duties.   


The Anchorage School District is self-insured for workers’ compensation and has three in-house licensed claims adjusters to manage claims.  The adjusters’ investigation may require contacting the employee, employee’s supervisor, doctor and/or the unit AA/secretary.  The adjuster manages and provides benefits to the injured worker based on the Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act which includes the Statutes and Regulations that outline the benefits that are to be paid, or not paid, to an injured worker. Claims are also managed in accordance with the Unfair Claims Practices that is implemented by the State of Alaska.  

Workers' Compensation Packet‌ (internal ASD only)

 The Workers' Compensation Packet is a helpful tool in filing a workers' compensation claim


If you or your employee have been injured in a work-related incident and are needing to obtain immediate medical attention, do not delay! Risk Management needs to have the 3 Report of Injury forms submitted as soon as possible, but we do understand priorities! In this case, please have someone in the office contact Risk Management at 742-4371 to give us notice of the incident and get the forms to us as soon as possible.


*NOTE* If the employee is admitted to the hospital or dies, Risk Management MUST be notified within 6 hours of the incident!!


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