Instruction & Intervention:
 Academics, Social/Emotional Learning and Behavior


1. Implement effective, intentional instruction for ALL students – A unified system of comprehensive service delivery requiring significant general and special education system change that meets the needs of all learners. 


2. Early Intervention – All students are screened through assessments several times per year, identifying students who are not making expected progress. These students are provided with intensified instructional strategies, targeted interventions and monitored for progress on an ongoing basis.


3.  Multiple Levels of Intensity (Tiers)– Levels of intervention will be used to meet the learning needs of all students.  

Universal instruction is the research-based core curriculum and classroom interventions that will be available to all students and effectively meet the needs of 80-85% or more of them.   All students receive high-quality, scientifically based instruction differentiated to meet their needs, and are screened on a periodic basis to identify struggling and advanced learners who need additional support and enrichment. 


Targeted Instruction provides students not making adequate progress in the core curriculum with increasingly intensive instruction matched to their needs on the basis of levels of performance and rates of progress.   Students identified as advanced learners, who need additional instructional intensity, will also be provided targeted intervention with a focus on enrichment. 


Intensive Interventions target the students’ skill deficits for the remediation of existing problems and the prevention of more severe problems.   Students at this level receive intense individual interventions while continuing to receive Tier 1 instruction. The intensive individual interventions may include a District sponsored curriculum intended to replace the core curriculum to accelerate learning and close the achievement gap. 



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