How to Become a Business Partner

Many types of businesses participate

Partnerships can be a one-person business involved in a single classroom or a large corporation reaching out to many schools across the district. Because every business is unique, there is no cookiecutter model for what a partnership should look like.


SteamDot training at Mears Middle School.

SteamDot Coffee's Antonio Alvarez teaches barista skills to Mears Middle School student Jared Mockli.

Business benefits

SBP provides networking opportunities that build and enhance relationships between schools and businesses. In addition, participants may receive recognition in SBP and Anchorage School District publications as well as media coverage of partnership activities.


Student benefits

Through real business experiences, students learn employable skills to help them become college and career ready. They also learn social and emotional skills necessary to prepare them for life.


SBP in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1 – Contact a school or SBP

Contact your preferred school(s) directly and state that you would like to explore becoming a school business partner.

Contact SBP at (907-339-7278), for school recommendations.


STEP 2 – Meet with a school rep

Meet with a school representative to explore ways to get involved.


STEP 3 – Agree on a plan

School and business representatives agree upon mutual benefits of their partnership. Click for a list of ideas »


STEP 4 – Formalize an agreement

Your school representative will complete an online agreement. This is not a binding contract. Both parties will receive an electronic copy of the agreement.


STEP 5 – Review and renew

Partners will review and renew the online agreement every two years.

Ways to help your school

  • Act as mentors or tutors.
  • Assist with Back to School Night or Open House.
  • Assist with student recognition.
  • Make class presentations on special subjects.
  • Act as judges at Science Fairs, Battle of the Books, Spelling Bee, etc.
  • Supervise sport activities, quiet activities.
  • Assist with developing computer technology.
  • Display student artwork.
  • Assist with field trips or special tours.
  • Assist with the development of a service learning project.
  • Provide speakers on topics such as solving problems that occur at work.
  • Be a resource at a career fair.
  • Help lead mock interviews and resumé development.
  • Offer field trips to your business.
  • Let students shadow employees.
  • Conduct presentations on all forms of seeking and keeping a job.
  • Provide on-the-job training or mentorships.
  • Provide expertise as consultants to students in operating school based enterprises.
  • Provide students with opportunities to use technology that is utilized in your business.
  • Assist in Curriculum Development.
  • Commit to one hour a week for your employees to come to school to help with reading to younger students.
  • Assist with an afterschool program.
  • Assist with staff recognition.
  • Make school supply donation.
  • Customize their partnership to utilize their expertise and resources.
  • Help for special projects in the classroom.
  • Offer an adult to read to students.
  • Assist or be an adult helper for field trips.


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