How to start a partnership

STEP 1 – Meet and discuss

Meet with potential partner to discuss your school's needs and ways the business can get involved. Be sure to include in your discussion ways your school can recognize its business partner(s). See the rack card for recognition ideas.


STEP 2 – Agree on a plan

School and business partners agree on school and business commitment.


STEP 3 – Formalize a partnership agreement

Complete online partnership agreement. Contact SBP at (907-339-7278) to obtain a login and password. Consult the "Database guides" below for information on using the online system.


STEP 4 – Build a relationship with your partner

Both parties receive an electronic copy of the agreement. Changes can be made at any time.


STEP 5 – Review and renew

Partners will review and renew the online agreement every two years.


Using the SBP database

The documents below have been prepared to help you establish and maintain partnership information in the online SBP database. Please contact (907-339-7278) if you need additional assistance.


Database guides


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