School Policies

  • AVAIL is a unique school within the Anchorage School District. Our guidelines for success are:

    1. ATTENDANCE... Show up on time and ready to work.

    2. ATTITUDE... Use appropriate language and behaviors.

    3. ACADEMICS... Earn 2.5 credits per term.


    AVAIL requires workplace appropriate attire and follows school district policy regarding dress code. Also, students are expected to adhere to all expectations in the High School Student Handbook.


    AVAIL grades are based on:

    1. Attendance and Participation

    2. Classwork

    3. Tests and Term Projects


    AVAIL offers direct instruction classes from 8am - 12:45pm. Online and independent study classes are offered in the afternoon class from 1pm - 2:30pm. Graduation requirements and course offerings can be found in the High School Program of Studies.


    Technology use (including personal devices) is directed by the teacher:


    Tech Policy poster