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2018 Earthquake Information

  • Drywall installers work at Bear Valley Elementary

    The Road to Recovery:  ASD Returns to the Mission of “Educating all Students for Success in Life.” 

    Since the 7.0 earthquake at 8:29AM on Friday morning, November 30, ASD has been assessing all 92 facilities, including more than 4,000 classroom learning spaces. We are committed to getting our schools up and running in a safe and deliberate way. Students will return to school and learning on Monday, December 10. This is a dynamic situation; ASD is sharing the city’s available resources with businesses, municipal departments, and homeowners as we all recover from Friday’s earthquake.


    The Process of Recovery: There are three stages of prioritization when major events such as the recent earthquake occur. ASD has established the following priorities.


    Priority One:


    Our first priority is to safely reunite students with their families. We are pleased to report that due to the training and efforts of staff and students, there were two minor injuries as a result of the earthquake. All schools were safely evacuated and cleared on the afternoon of the quake.


    Priority Two:


    Immediately upon safely evacuating our schools, the District began to assess the damage. This work is ongoing. The assessment process has revealed that all schools have damage – some with major and others with minor.


    Teams of construction and facility engineers and maintenance staff are assessing the schools and categorizing them based on damage and need. As part of this process, each school site receives an initial inspection and is assigned a category that describes whether or not the school is safe for some level of occupancy. Categories determine the status of each site with a red, yellow, or green tag.

    • Schools with a red tag are deemed unsafe to occupy.
    • Schools with a yellow tag may still have a problem with heat, water, sewer, or other issues such as major debris.
    • Schools that are green tagged are staff ready, meaning that a principal and staff can enter the site to complete the third priority.


    The most recent inventory list of schools and buildings is maintained here.


    Priority Three:


    After maintenance and capital planning personnel have deemed schools safe to occupy, staff will return to the site and begin inventorying all instructional spaces (technology, equipment, furnishings, instructional materials, etc.).  Staff and/or volunteers will organize and clean spaces as needed to prepare for the return of students. Teachers will plan for the social, emotional, and learning needs of their students. At this point, schools are considered Mission Ready – ready to receive and educate students. 


    The goal is to have schools and spaces ready to welcome students by December 10, 2018.


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