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Friendly Reminders

Please ensure that your student is coming to school prepared for the weather. During the fall, Alaska's weather can change quickly. Students should be prepared for rain with the proper outerwear. We had many wet students today during lunch due to the rain at recess.

Also, a friendly reminder from the nurse:

If your child has asthma or allergies the nurse needs a current Asthma Action Plan and/or current Allergies Anaphylaxis Care Plan.

All medication must be in original box, with child's name on original pharmacy label.

Even if you are waiting on medication please don't wait to bring in the care plan/medication orders. Having this will help Nurse Jeanine better care for your child in the event of a medical emergency.

(Due to the shortage of Epipens nationwide, the school nurse does not have emergency epinephrine auto injectors until further notice.)

Thank you.