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Friendly Reminders

  1. It's cold out. Please make sure all students have the proper cold weather gear - hat, gloves, face mask, jacket, snow pants, snow boots. We go outside unless the weather drops to below negative ten degrees fahrenheit.
  2. There is no adult supervision before 8:40am every day. Please do not drop your students off before that time. Students remain outside from 8:40 until the first bell rings at 8:50.
  3. No dogs are allowed on campus. We love pets, but they must stay at home.
  4. Teachers are busy planning and preparing. If you need to talk with a teacher, make an appointment with them. Please don't just show up in their classroom unannounced.
  5. All guests, visitors, and volunteers must check in with the front office, sign in, and receive a visitor tag. This policy is for the safety of our students.
  6. All outside doors are locked at all times. If you get to school after the second bell rings at 9:00am, please use the front door.
  7. If your student will be absent or late, please give the office a call at 742-3300. Emailing the teacher is also a good idea to give them a head's up.
  8. The back driveway is only open for pick up in the afternoon, not for drop off in the morning. Please follow traffic patterns, pay attention to the crossing guards, and remain patient and safe.