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BJA STOP School Violence Grant

Tonight we are celebrate the awarding of a $223K grant under the Bureau of Justice Assistance, STOP School Violence competitive grant program.

We welcome our quests:

  • S. Attorney Mr. Bryan Schroder, from the United States Attorney’s Office, District of Alaska
  • APD police chief, Chief Justin Doll.

We draw great comfort knowing that we work and live in a community that is so committed to student well-being and safety; and that we get to work with dedicated partners within the Attorney’s Office and the Anchorage Police Department.

You make a positive difference for our community and I am honored to celebrate this grant award with you today.

As ASD’s superintendent, I believe student safety is the District’s number one priority; and I’m always aware that our parents entrust us with their babies every day. That’s an awesome and humbling responsibility. When we think about student safety, we often think about secure school buildings and our staffs’ readiness to respond to bad situations. While those are important, they are just parts of a larger need in our schools.

I’m about kids; and I think it’s equally - if not more - important that we know our kids intimately; and that our principals, teachers, counselors and our partners have the training and the tools to identify our students in need, to intervene on their behalf, and to get them the professional services and care they deserve. That’s how we make our schools safer; and it gets to the core of what we’re about - educating and taking care of our kids.

That’s what this grant is all about - To establish the Safety Assessment and Intervention Network, or SAIN, to take care for our kids and make safer schools.

This is, and will always be, a team effort; and it’s great to have Mr. Schroder and Chief Doll here representing their departments.

I want to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to the planning, preparation and submission of the grant proposal. This is a wonderful achievement, and it will make a big difference for the safety of our kids.

At this time, I’d like to invite Diane Lemon, the District’s project coordinator, to briefly talk about the grant and the District’s plan to make our schools safer

(Mr. Schroder and Chief Doll to say a few words…)

Thank you, again. This is what makes the ASD great!