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Jim Bell, Region IV Assistant Principal of the Year

Jim Bell is the Alaska Region IV Assistant Principal of the year!

  • Principal Frank Hauser said, “from his first day at Service, Jim has brought fresh energy to the Activities Department and been a positive influence on students and staff. I routinely receive compliments from students, staff, coaches, and parents about Jim’s friendly demeanor and his effectiveness in meeting the needs of the many sports teams, activities, and clubs”.
  • Jim takes an active, hands-on approach to the hundreds of events that take place at the school. It is not unusual to find him working an event on his own time to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Jim communicates well with parents and works with all staff to improve their performance, but perhaps his greatest strength is his commitment to students.
  • Even in critical situations, Jim listens and reacts calmly. He weighs all of the outcomes, sees each challenge as an opportunity, and makes good decisions that align with district policy.
  • With his wealth of experience, Jim is a resource not only to staff but also to all of the other administrators in the building.

Congratulations! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to students. You are what makes ASD great!