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Heroes Among Us

Matt Davis and Jared Heaston--heroes among us.

These two high school seniors did everything they could to save a stranger after an automobile tragedy on the Glenn Highway. Tuesday started out as "just a normal day," The previous day's snowfall had covered the Glenn in ice, but traffic was moving along at close to normal speeds as Matt’s red Chevy Silverado approached the top of the rise at the South Birchwood overpass.  As they crested the hill, all Jared could see from the back seat were brake lights and vehicles sliding on the ice.

Matt and Jared got out to check on the occupants of a vehicle that had crashed behind them. Farther down the median, a woman driving a 2001 Dodge van had collided with a Toyota RAV4. Police said the driver of the van got out of her vehicle and was trying to get away from the pile-up when a 2015 Mazda slid into the ditch and struck her.

"We didn't even think about it," Davis said. As they ran to help the woman who had been struck by the vehicle.  Both teens have first aid training--Heaston is a lifeguard, and Davis took CPR as a freshman at Chugiak High--and they figured it was their duty to help.

In reflection after the accident, Jared shared, “Your normal day can turn into something else just like that. It taught us life is the most precious thing we have."

Thank you for your selfless act of kindness, bravery, and willingness to help during a crisis. You make our community great.