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Mountain View Lions Club Give to Mountain View Elementary

Would Dorothy Pickles and members from the Mountain View Lions Club please come forward and Principal Chris Woodward.  The Mountain View Lions Club recently made a large donation of $15,000 to help rebuild the Mountain View Elementary School playground after a fire. In addition to this very generous donation, the Mountain View Lions Club devotes a huge amount of time and energy into schools and the community.


Here are just a few things the Mt. View Lions Club does to support students:

  • Maintained the Lions Park for decades
  • Sponsor Lions Kids Day in the Park every spring
  • Make an annual donation to many school nurses to help with student health needs
  • Provide annual vision screenings at several schools and assist students in obtaining glasses
  • Donate clothing for students
  • Support kids and schools in a variety of other ways as well


You can also see Lions Club members grilling burgers on their giant barbecue or making cotton candy with a genuine carnival-style cotton candy maker at almost every event held in Mountain View throughout the year. Mountain View Elementary Principal Chris Woodward said, “They are a super positive group of people who genuinely care about having happy, healthy kids in our fine city, and they devote a huge amount of time and energy to making this a reality”.


Thank you for all that you do for our students and community.