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96th Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

The nonprofit organization, Young Emerging Artists, Inc. presents the Alaska Regional Gold Key awardees from the Anchorage School District for the 96th Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.


Would the following students and their instructors, please come forward:





Kaelin Lemon

Goldenview Middle School

Jennifer Ellinwood

Larissa Mariscal

South Anchorage High School

David Fandel

Max Manley

Mee Xiong

East Anchorage High School

Liz Galey

Shalia Campbell

East Anchorage High School

Katie Hulse

Kai Crawford

Dimond High School

Cullen Lickingteller

Miri Andreassen

Nathan Northcut

Jayla Riggins

East Anchorage High School

Siobhan (Chi-von) O’Hara

Megan Kline

South Anchorage High School

Mark Stewart

Adrienne Godet

West High School

Rachel Wall


  • The Scholastic Awards is the country's longest-running and most prestigious scholarship and recognition program for creative students in grades 7–12.


  • This year, nearly 340,000 works of art and writing were submitted from across the country.


  • 390 came from Alaska, and of those, 100 were selected for Alaska Regional Awards.


  • The students you see here before you are being recognized for their Gold Key Awards and advancement to national adjudication


  • In addition, Kai Crawford and Megan Kline, have also been nominated for the American Visions Award. They are among 5 Alaskan students in contention for this prestigious state title to be determined by the National Scholastic Jury.


  • Please join the School Board and Administration in congratulating these talented, hardworking students for their accomplishments and advancement to the national level.


  • You are who makes ASD great J