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ASD Students Take Top Honors at Battle of Books

3rd/4th Grade:  

Eagle Academy, 1st place (Anchorage NE)

Northern Lights ABC, tie for 2nd with Kenai (Anchorage SW)


5th/6th Grade:

Denali Montessori, 5th place (Anchorage NE)

Inlet View, 6th place (Anchorage SW)


Middle School:

Rilke Schule, tie for 2nd place with Mat-Su


High School:

Service, tie for 1st place with Mat-Su


ASD Battle Coordinators

Stacey Schubert, Stacy Berg, Sharon Pinkney, and Ellen Scott


  • The Battle of the Books is a statewide Alaskan reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Alaska Association of School Librarians.
  • The goals of the program are to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, broaden reading interests, increase reading comprehension, and promote academic excellence.
  • Lists of books are chosen and questions are written for all grade levels. Students read the books, discuss them, quiz each other on the contents, and then compete in teams of not more than three students to correctly answer questions based on the books in a "quiz show" format.
  • This year approximately 1800 elementary students participated in the ASD Battle of the books with 205 teams making it to the Elementary Battle of the Books district tournament.
  • In addition, approximately 320 secondary students participated with 19 teams making it to the middle school district tournament and 10 teams making it to the high school district tournament.
  • Numerous coaches, teachers and librarians, work with students to prepare for battle and run the school level battles to determine which teams will go to the district tournament.
  • Thank you to all the coordinators, coaches, teachers and librarians who make this event possible!
  • Congratulations to the teams on your Battle of the Books victories! All of you are who makes ASD great!