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Attendance Matters

A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. There is a direct correlation between students who attend school regularly and higher academic achievement levels. Everyone can make a difference in improving school attendance by building awareness that going to school every day is vital for student success. Good attendance matters, and will ensure that all students can realize their dreams for academic success and opportunity.

With that in mind, we recognize the classes with the highest attendance rate each month. Our class attendance awards for August were announced today. We had ties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!

Congratulations to Mrs. Heikkila and Mrs. Jones's 1st grade classes for winning our August attendance award! Their classes tied with an average attendance of 98.6% That's awesome!

Mrs. Jone's 1st Grade



We also had a tie for 2nd place. Mrs. Klein's 1st graders and Mrs. Showers-Chlup's kindergarteners were in school 97.8% of August!

Finally, Mrs. Werth's 5th/6th graders and Ms. Wold's 3rd graders tied for 3rd place with 97.6% attendance.

Thank you Bayshore parents for making school attendance a high priority!