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AMCS Schedule Information

Greetings AMCS Families,
As the school year draws near, I wanted to give you an update on schedules.  
Schedules will be emailed home by Aug. 20th  
While I'm still working on credit checks and plugging in advisory classes, the good news is that you can see your UAA class schedule on UAOnline  Ideally, I'd love to contact all of you individually, especially those of you who are new to the program.  The reality, however, is that there isn't enough time.  Those of you who take classes through AMCS, typically need advisory classes and/or an APEX class.  I'm going to go ahead and plug students into their advisory classes.  If you need an online class or you wish to take a class at your affiliated school the directions are below.
How to take a class at your affiliate school
Fill out the single course enrollment form and return it to me at your earliest convenience.  There was a delay in fulfilling requests that were already made due to the ASD's switch to quarter-long classes.  It has been resolved and students who already turned in their forms will be hearing from me next week.  It's important to note that UAA and AMCS are operating on semesters.  Students who take classes at their affiliate school are going to be doing a semester's worth of work in one quarter on top of their UAA/AMCS classes.
Online Classes
If your UAA advisor suggested taking an online course, contact me with your course request.  It's okay if you don't know exactly which course to take.  Let me know the subject and I'll help you find the right one.  Attached are some PE/Health descriptions.  Students who sign up for online classes will be assigned to an APEX class that meets once a week with an AMCS teacher.  Once the course is completed, the student is no longer required to attend. 
Schedule Changes 
There will be information coming out later regarding schedule changes.  You will have a small window of time to request changes to your AMCS classes (Advisory and Apex).  Those changes will go through me and will most likely by my focus Aug. 24th-28th.   Please keep a close eye on the information regarding UAA's drop and add periods as those are hard deadlines.  
Upcoming Events
New Student Orientation Aug 20th & 21st at 8:30 am via Zoom.
Look for announcements on Senior Meetings.  These will be informal, group check-ins designed to answer questions and to get input on how I can best assist the 12th graders.
Communication Tools
Remind (AMCS Student Services):  Send a text message to 81010 and text the message "@amcsst".  
Facebook:  Alaska Middle College School
Take care,
Shelly Andresen
AMCS Schedule Information