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2021 Climate Connectedness Parent Survey


Dear Parent or Guardian,


The Anchorage School District is partnering with the Association of Alaska School Boards to conduct the School Climate and Connectedness Survey ©, a statewide survey for students, staff, and families. This survey measures their perceptions of each school’s climate  including the engagement of students, staff, and families. 


Family Survey: We value input from our families. You are an important partner as we work to continually improve each school’s environment. Each parent/guardian is asked to complete one survey by March 26. If you have more than one child attending this school, you only need to fill out one survey. 


Instructions: Click on the survey link below and select Alaska Middle College School to begin the survey. The survey is accessible via any Internet connection. You may use desktops, laptops, tablets and/or mobile devices to access the survey.

School Name:  Alaska Middle College School


Results from this survey will be used to identify student, staff and family perceptions of school climate issues within our school(s).  School staff use the results to inform their efforts to ensure schools are safe, supportive, and caring places for all students.


Thank you for your cooperation in this year’s School Climate and Connectedness Survey©.




Dr. Kern McGinley

Alaska Middle College School Principal