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AMCS Summer School Opportunity

Summer School Information
Juniors who are planning to take summer school classes, need to fill out the AMCS Summer School 2021 form:   
Classes are FREE so sign up right away!  The earlier you sign up the better chance you have of getting the courses you want to take.
Summer School has two options:
1- In-person classes are for students who failed a class (credit recovery).  They will be held June 2-June 30 and/or July 12-August 6.
2-Online classes are for students who would like to take classes for advancement.  AMCS students typically take US Gov., Econ, and/or PE in order to free up their schedules for UAA classes.   They will take place June 2nd-August 6.  
Attached are the APEX and eDynamics catalogs.  Students wishing to take classes for advancement (original course completion) have access to a variety of classes.  The most common choices (Econ, US Gov, and PE) will be listed on the link above, but you may select "other" and list a class from the catalog(s). 
For more information on summer school, visit
Please note that if you already signed up for summer school on ASD's website, you still need to complete the AMCS Summer School 2021 form.   Unfortunately, the form on ASD's website doesn't ask you to list the specific classes you are interested in taking.
Shelly B. Andresen
School Counselor
Alaska Middle College School
King Tech High School 2650 E. Northern Lights Blvd. Anchorage, AK 99508