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ASD Policy for the Vandalization of the TikTok Challenge

Dear Alaska Middle College Families,
School Administrators have been made aware of a trending Tik Tok challenge of students vandalizing and stealing school property, largely from bathrooms and include items like soap dispensers, sinks, and bathroom tile. Several schools across the District have seen this type of vandalism due to this challenge. These acts of vandalism are crimes and students have received consequences.
Staff has spent an enormous amount of time cleaning up and investigating. We are asking families to address this unacceptable behavior with their students. These are not pranks; they are acts of vandalism and theft, and the District is working with the Anchorage Police Department to hold students accountable for these crimes. If your student has information about these incidents, they are to let security personnel or administrator know. The identity of students who report information will be confidential.
The Anchorage School District holds pride in being a place in which students demonstrate a culture for learning, positive engagement, ownership, and involvement in their school communities. These acts are disruptive and uncalled for.
Thank you for partnering with us in this effort. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Dr. Kern McGinley