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Reacting to the Past

Reacting to the Past ASD is a collaboration between AEL and Social Studies to introduce a language-rich approach to history. 


Originally developed at the university level for the teaching of "great books", this role-immersion game method of teaching has been used in the Anchorage School District since April 2018.  Since then, about 30 teachers and 300 students have experienced at least one of the games.  This video documents the experiences of three West High classes taught by Leandra Wilden as they experienced "The Constitutional Convention of 1787" game. Another 70 - 80 students will be playing the game "Greenwich Village, 1913" this June on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.  For more information about use of these games in ASD high schools, please contact Chip Abolafia, our Social Studies Coordinator.  For more information about this approach to history, see The Reacting to the Past website here: