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Anchorage City Seal Art Contest

municipality of anchorage city seal

The current Municipality of Anchorage city seal.

The Municipality of Anchorage wants to update the official Anchorage City Seal and has partnered with the Anchorage School District to encourage all ASD K-12 students to enter their artwork to update the city seal. Entries for the new seal design will be considered by the Anchorage Assembly. Chosen artwork will be sent to a graphic designer for the final logo.

Entries can be completed by an individual student or can be parts of different individuals’ work that are eventually put together as an amalgamation. Artwork can be designed on paper or digitally. Please do not submit artwork that is larger than 9x11.

Please consider aspects of Anchorage history and present culture when designing a new seal:

  • Indigenous people before European contact and now
  • First non-indigenous visitors/settlers
    • Explorers
    • Fur traders
    • Miners
    • Missionaries
  • Iditarod mail trail route from Seward
  • Railroad
  • Military bases
  • Port of Anchorage
  • Mountains, glaciers, rivers, wildlife, salmon, northern lights
  • Fishing spears


  • $100 gift cards to the top 5 students’ artwork who is chosen
  • $500 to art classrooms from which the top 5 students come from.

Students may submit their entries to their art teacher or scanned to Leah Maltbie by Jan. 20, 2020. For more information and if you have any questions, contact ASD’s Fine Arts Curriculum Coordinator Leah Maltbie at 907-742-0178 or by email at