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Bartlett High School Leader Sean Prince Named Principal of the Year for Region Four

Bartlett High School Principal Sean Prince


Bartlett High School Principal Sean Prince was named 2020 Principal of the Year for Region Four in the state of Alaska by the Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals (AASSP).

ASD Senior Director of Secondary Education Kersten Johnson-Struempler said Prince has unparalleled passion for helping students succeed, no matter what their circumstances.

“He has an amazing ability to connect with his students, and I have personally seen him work with challenging circumstances to find solutions for individual students, challenge the status quo when needed, and positively impact his entire school culture for students, staff and the entire Bartlett community.  Mr. Prince is one of the most dedicated Principals I have had the pleasure of working with, and he is very deserving of this recognition," she said. 

Prince has been a principal at Bartlett High School for five years and has been an administer with ASD for ten years. He began his career with ASD in 2003 as a social studies teacher at Bartlett.

Nominations for Principal of the Year where anonymous and came from Prince’s peers, which he said made the honor even more meaningful.

One nomination said Prince helped improve Bartlett's graduation rate by nearly 20 percent.

Johnson-Struempler explained the significant gains to the graduation rate stem from professional development Prince put in place for his staff around how to engage students in their learning and increase advanced course work opportunity for students.

Another nomination pointed out a less tangible, but equally important impact Prince has on school culture, saying he spends his lunch break strolling around visiting with students.

Johnson-Struempler said Prince has implemented a peer-mentor class whose sole missions is to create a positive peer climate at Bartlett High School. “The class also focuses on freshman achievement levels, so students don't fall behind in their credits and then drop out,” she said.

Prince also implemented mandatory study hall for athletes to keep grades up.

Prince said his favorite part of his job is getting in the classroom, watching good teachers teach, and seeing students have that "light bulb ah-ha moment." He also said he enjoys "watching freshman come in small and meek, and leave as seniors, chomping at the bit and ready for the real word."

When asked if there was anything he would like to add, his response was "Go Bears!"