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East High School Staff Couch Choir Sends Video Message to Students

East High Couch Choir


A video rendition of Bob Marley & The Wailers' “Three Little Birds” sent out earlier this month to students from the “East High School Staff Couch Choir” has received over 2,000 views on YouTube.

The video was orchestrated by East High School Librarian Cayla Armatti, Ed. S., who said it was a true collaboration by over 80 teachers.

“Teachers stepped out of their comfort zone to make this video on their own at home using their school laptops and one-page of directions and a karaoke track,” Armatti said. “I took all these various videos and assembled them…but the heart of every teacher went into this message to our students and how much we missed them.”

The teachers nominated and voted on the song and put their own special touch on their contribution by playing instruments, holding signs and props. One teacher even did push-ups, showing off a vast collection of East hoodies and T-shirts. There were plenty of guest appearances by kiddos, partners and of course, pets.

Interpreters were shown in the video singing in American Sign Language. The interpreters were all either East High School teachers, interpreters, or support staff. East High School is home to the Alaska School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, high school level.

Armatti said she had the idea for creating the video after seeing church and organized choirs do similar projects because of not being able to meet during the stay-at-home advisory.

Watch the full video here.