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ASD and Recycling Correctly

Sunday, November 15, is Anchorage Recycle's Day. As a community member, do your part to contribute by recycling right. Take a look at your local recycling providers to learn about what and where you can recycle in Anchorage. Consider making a commitment to any sustainable practice such as using only reusable bottles or be informed by taking a look at the Sustainable Anchorage website.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Municipality of Anchorage Solid Waste Services Department, and Alaska Waste, ASD has established mixed paper recycling at its 95 schools and five administrative buildings. The Recycling program at ASD has as primary goals to increase education and recycling rates while maintaining an environmentally responsible school district. The focus, for now, is on mixed paper — the bulk of the district’s recyclable material, constituting hundreds of tons each year. ASD is also currently exploring different ways to recycle other materials at their facilities.