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ASD Transportation Reminders for Gradual Reopening

ASD is welcoming back Pre-K–2, K–6 self-contained special needs programs, and Whaley School on Jan. 19. 
Now is the perfect time to dust off the cobwebs with a refresher on school transportation, safety, bus routes, and stops.
Q: How do I know if ASD provides transportation for my student?
A: Transportation is provided for students who live at least 1.5 miles from their neighborhood school or if they must walk across a long or unsafe roadway that's deemed hazardous by the District. Learn more about safe walking routes for your school here.
Q: How do I find my bus route?
A: Families can find if they have a route, its location and schedule here. All you need is your student's grade level and home address. If you receive an error message, contact the Routing Department at 907-742-1200.

Q: What COVID mitigation efforts will there be on the bus?
A: Face coverings will be worn at all times, and routes may have assigned seating. While physical distancing will be in place, household members can share seats. Buses will be disinfected after each route. Watch a video on back to school transportation protocols below.

Q: I'm a parent/guardian of a special needs student. When I will receive communication about their transportation needs?
A: Families will receive a RoBo call at 5:30 p.m. on both Thursday, Jan. 14 and Monday, Jan. 18. This message will include route number, location, and pickup and drop-off times. If the address is incorrect please contact your students school teacher. The routing team is unable to make changes to the transportation requests.

Q: What do I do if approaching a school bus with red lights activated?
A: Drivers need to stop within 30 feet of a school bus by Alaska state law. That is on any roadway that is not a separate roadway, so oncoming traffic or adjacent traffic. The only time that oncoming traffic would not need to stop for the red lights, and the stop arm deployed on a school bus, is when the roadway is separated by a median and has two lanes of traffic in each direction. Passing a school bus when all indicator lights are flashing can cost a driver six points on their license and a $2,000 fine.