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Our diverse educators are on a QUEST TO INCREASE academic opportunities and resources for our students to include flexibility for educational travel.

Fontier provides new ways to fashion an ENGAGING EDUCATION for home school students.  Frontier is distinguished from other similar schools in Alaska through the offering of Learning Profiles for students.  This supports Frontier's commitment to its mission of assisting parents "to help students take responsibility for their learning."  The results of these diagnostics provide parents with a better understanding of how their child learns.  Homeschool parents can select the curriculum that best fits their child's learning style and keeps the child engaged.

Frontier's program supports the homeschool philosophy that one of the primary reasons parents choose to homeschool their children is their belief that they can help each of their children achieve academic excellence.

Frontier students can prepare for their future at our workshops and career clubs which explore:

  • Career planning that fits the individual
  • Rewarding career paths based on student strengths
  • College and educational options
  • Financial aid and scholorship planning

Frontier students have opportunities to ...

  • Earn work credit
  • Earn high school and college credit at the same time
  • Access ASD schools, activities, and sports
  • Focus on the fine arts, music, or physical education
  • Participate in Frontiers science labs, student clubs, math tutoring, and practice ACT or SAT tests
  • Take Driver Education

Frontier Charter School offers the greatest flexibility to increase academic opportunities and resources for your student.

The entire team at Frontier consists of dedicated professionals. 


Jerry Finkler

Academic Advisors

Barbra Brown

Carrie Christenson

Patricia Parsch, Ed.D,

Stuart Yatko

Administrative Assistants

Margie Mitchell

Donna Arms

Business Manager

Scott Grant

FDCC/Administrative Assistant

LaNore Smmith