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Options for Middle and High School

“Are you pursuing advanced studies?"

“Do require a program that can flex around your schedule?”

If so, our team is focused on increasing academic opportunities for you which include:

  • Dual Enrollment: Continue taking a few classes at your neighborhood school.
  • A flexible program that makes it possible to learn from almost anywhere.
  • The option to use online curriculum and virtual classroom learning.
  • Get a jump on college! Take courses that earn both high school and college credits simultaneously.
  • A learning plan customized to your career path and interests.

 “Would you like an online course so that you can work at your own pace?”

We offer online courses that enable students to work at their own learning pace as per their grasping power. Online courses are an excellent benefit for a self-motivated student! We also have the option of a twelve-month school year.

 “Are you a high school student behind in credits, trying to catch up?”

In addition to the above, we offer:

  • Credit recovery assistance.
  • Personalized tutoring.
  • 12-month school year.
  • A weekly learning lab where middle and high school students can complete coursework and discuss progress.