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49th Annual Student Art Show


YAM BROCHURE  art hands

Every March, the Anchorage School District celebrates



March 2022 will be the 50th Annual YOUTH ART MONTH show!!


Student artwork is displayed at the Anchorage Museum, the Anchorage School District Headquarters and other locations around the community.


All artworks must be smaller than 11” X 17” and completely original to a Frontier student.


We cannot accept:

- copywritten material

- violent images

- strong political work

- copied or non-original work

- holiday work

- “exercise” or “how-to-draw” practice pieces


Deadline: December 1 - Frontier can only submit 10 pieces total. If we receive more than 10 pieces, final selections will be made by our Principal, Advisors and Staff.


Interested in more information? Want to submit a piece of your student’s artwork? Contact Liz Hunt – or 742-1186

Let’s celebrate our talented Frontier artists!