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Outstanding Achievements by Students 2018-19

Congratulations on Outstanding Achievement by students at KTHS. You are on your way, and we wish you the best!

From Business Tech:

Dylan Didrickson, a junior from Chugiak High School, has become certified as a Master Level Specialist by Microsoft. He was also selected as the a Student of the Semester for the Fall 2018. He has hopes of pursuing a career in Web Design/Business; and Eman Amer, a senior from Service High School, has been selected as the Alaska State Champion for MOS certification. She will travel to Orlando, Florida in June to compete on the national level. She has aspirations of pursuing business in her future.

Certified Nursing Assistant:


14 of 20 Certified Nurse Aide students from the fall semester passed their State of AK CNA License exam.




And here's shout out to all of the new EMT'S with the State of Alaska! If you see them, give them a high five.

Joseph Bjelland

Madison Bouwens

Jacob Chase

Jacob Cox

Cheyenne Crago

Joshua Gates

Colten Hester

Justin McKitrick

Mason Peace

Alana Reid

Thomas Roberts

Mikal Saenz

Jordan Semeniuk

Riley Walker

Robert Tucker 


Aviation Technology:

Three Aviation Tech students have won scholarships for a complete private pilot flight training course. This will take them from zero hours to their private pilot certificate, worth bout $10,000. If you see them around, give a shout out to:

Robert Piecarski (KT full timer)

Josh Bierma

Steven Caraway