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From School To Work:  Jumpstart  your Post-Secondary Future and find YOUR Success, come to King Tech High School!

Full Time Student Facts:

  • Incoming Juniors and Seniors are eligible.
  • Transportation is provided from your home school.
  • Diplomas will be issued from ASD, equal to others in the district.
  • All full-time students will be issued a Chromebook for classwork.
  • On-line and blended learning.
  • Special Projects such as 20Time which allow students to track their learning growth, which supercharges intrinsic motivation.
  • Participation in Student Government and events.
  • Full access to all the courses that are offered at King Tech High School.

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Half Time Student Facts:

  • Transportation is provided from your home school.
  • One class at King Tech equals 3 classes at your home school.
  • 2 sessions are offered, a morning and afternoon session.
  • Some courses are dual credited so that you may earn core credit while taking a course at King Tech.


Quick Look at KTHS!
Quick Look at KTHS!

This video depicts some of the courses that are offered to help "Jump start YOUR future!"

Gaby Beltz - Administrative Assistant