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Open House March 30, 2023

Greetings ASD Students and Families,

I am reaching out to you to share fantastic school opportunities for students and to invite you to our open house, Thursday, March 30.

It is time for you to start scheduling your courses for next year. I am reaching out to encourage you to strongly consider the unique opportunities for students at King Tech High School (KTHS) and The Alaska Middle College School (AMCS). If you are entering 11th or 12th grade you are eligible for KTHS and/or AMCS.

KTHS and AMCS are schools of excellence that offer access to post-secondary study while in high school.

King Tech: If you are seeking a career after high school then King Tech High School is for you! Many of the KTHS career and technical education classes have industry recognized certifications and university dual credit attached. Many of our students enter the workforce straight from high school earning respectable wages with invitations for career advancement. We have many students who utilize the dual credit option by attending UAA for more advanced credentials. In addition, we have students who earn an apprenticeship opportunity with a trade union. The learning environment at KTHS is built on problem and project-based learning with a hands-on approach. Our students communicate that they have found the fun in school through our approach to learning.

AMCS: If you are seeking to launch college early, then the Alaska Middle College School is for you! AMCS is a UAA college immersion experience. All UAA college courses are paid for by the Anchorage School District. Students who successfully complete college courses earn college and high school credit toward graduation. All new to AMCS students participate in a college advisory course supported by an ASD teacher. The advisory course is designed to help students with organization, planning, math, writing, research, communication with professors, and career planning. AMCS students graduate on average with 24 or more college credits with some students earning 60 or more college credits. The UAA credits are fully transferrable to colleges in and out of state. Many graduates either continue at UAA or accept offers from other universities in and outside of Alaska.

KTHS has a full-time program available for students looking for smaller class sizes and a more career focused educational experience. Students who enter the full-time program complete academic credit toward graduation while taking a CTE class. The part-time option is for students who want to remain connected to their high school part of the day while taking a CTE course at King Tech.

We have AMCS students who take King Tech CTE classes in addition to their UAA college coursework.

All our students receive career and college planning opportunities through our Career and College Resource Center. We excel in preparing students for the workforce and postsecondary education, and we help students find and fund their future!

Please take a moment and visit our websites for more information about the unique qualities of our schools.

King Tech:

Please plan to attend the KTHS and AMCS open house event on Thursday, March 30, from 6-8 PM. RSVP here Sincerely ~ Dr. Kern McGinley, Principal