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Shakespeare & Hip-Hop Come to MYC

Shakespeare and Hop-Hop is back at MYC!

Last school year, Marie Aceman of See Stories and Rapper, Tayy Tarantino joined forces to teach students how to write personal narratives based on Shakespeare's Othello. The class was so popular, it left students hungry for more.

This year, Ms. Acemah and Mr. Tarantino are back at it; this time, utilizing sonnets written by Shakespeare.  The purpose of the course is to foster creativity while teaching elements of poetry and making Shakespeare more relevant to students. 

And students aren't the only ones learning.  Ms. Lilagan, McLaughlin School Teacher, commented, "I never liked Hip-Hop before, but it was because I didn't understand it.  Now that I see the connection, I am coming to enjoy it."

McLaughlin School, students, and MYC staff would like to thank Marie and Tayy for their continued contributions to the community!