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January 23 School Board Recap

Work Session Review - Teacher Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Yesterday’s work session centered on an update and presentation from the ASD Human Resources Department team about ASD’s current recruitment and retention efforts for staff. You can find the whole presentation linked here. 

Some of the notable highlights from the presentation include discussion about the signing bonuses and relocation assistance ASD offers to employee groups. ASD offers sizable signing bonuses for Special Education, Student Nutrition, and Paraprofessionals, and has recently increased the day-rate for substitute teachers.  

Due to the relatively small number of certified educators produced by the University of Alaska system each year, ASD must heavily recruit teachers from outside of Alaska. Nationwide there is a decline in the teaching profession, so ASD is strategic on where we place our recruitment efforts. 

Board Meeting Review

During the regular School Board meeting, the Board heard from members of the public and discussed a number of important items. You can find a full breakdown of the agenda here. The entire Board session can be watched here

Goal Monitoring Update

  • Staff provided the Board an update on the progress being made to achieve the Board’s math proficiency goal. You can review this update here. 

Consent Agenda Highlights 

  • The Board voted to approve a variety of memorandums dealing with construction contracts and school safety upgrades.
  • The Board voted to approve a purchase of equipment and software that will greatly enhance student transportation and safety next school year.  
  • The Board also approved the Administration’s proposed extension of ASD’s lease at the Ed-Center for an additional 10-year term. This extension comes with substantial cost reductions and savings in the annual rent ASD pays to the building owner. The lease negotiation will provide immediate cost savings, as the current monthly rent will be decreased to match the new lease rate - saving almost $300,000 this fiscal year. 

Key Non-Action Items

  • The most significant non-action item received by the Board was a memo dealing with the costs of moving 6th grade to middle school for the 2024-2025 school year. This one time expenditure involves purchasing furniture, fixtures, expanding the number of lockers, moving relocatables, and labor for this work. The memo can be viewed here
  • The Board also received a number of reports on contract modifications, grants ASD was awarded, and proposed budget transfers. 

Superintendent Update

Superintendent Bryantt reflected on the work accomplished during the Board retreat last weekend, and noted the ongoing discussions surrounding education funding in Juneau. You can watch his remarks beginning here

We hope that you find these updates valuable. As always, we welcome your feedback and thoughts at Have a great day.