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Bowman Families-School Item Pick-Up

Hello Bowman Families, I hope you all are doing well these last couple of days. Bowman Staff is preparing for students arrival on Monday Dec 10th, we will be ready to go! But before then if you need to pick up items that belong to you or your child at the school that were left prior to the emergency, the following times will be available:

Wednesday 1:00-3:00pm
Thursday 11:00-1:00pm
Friday 1:00-3:00pm

At these times parents will be escorted by a staff member to where their families belongings are in the building as a safety precaution. Students may not come into the school without a parent to pick up items.

Bowman is in good shape and we are so fortunate as a school community. See everyone soon either during these times or on Monday!

Patrick Freeman

Principal, W.L. Bowman Elementary