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Bowman Student Item Pick-Up!

Hello Bowman Parents! End of Year Student Item Pick-Up last day is TODAY!

Friday May 8th
9:00-11:00am-last names M-P
11:00-1:00pm-last names Q-T
1:00-3:00pm-last names U-Z

1.    Upon arrival, the family stays in their vehicle and identifies themselves to a staff member who radios a team in the building.

2.    The building team brings the student belongings outside to a collection table where the family collects the belongings.

3.    Any library or text books being returned by the family will be dropped off in tubs at the curb before the family leaves.

4.    Privately owned or rented 6th grade Band or Orchestra instruments currently at school will be returned to the family during this process.  ASD-owned instruments currently at school will remain at school and considered returned.  ASD-owned instruments currently at home should be returned to The Horn Doctor or Petr’s Violin Shop during the week of May 4-8.  Please see information from your child’s Band or Orchestra teacher regarding this process.  No Band or Orchestra instruments will be accepted by the school.

Teachers have done their best to identify students’ belongings and emptied the contents of the students’ desks or cubbies into large plastic bags.  The bags will be labeled with the student’s name, the teacher’s name and grade.

Following the need to continue strict safety precautions, families will not be allowed into the building during this retrieval process.  Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child’s teacher or myself.


Patrick Freeman,
Principal, W.L. Bowman Elementary