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Bowman Kudo from Parent

A note posted on our Facebook from a Bowman parent to the staff, so sweet! 

My deepest gratitude to you all. Today I drove my daughter to school and see that we now ask you to be traffic specialists.  Which you're doing and doing amazingly well. 

I add that to the list of impossible asks of you through this past year:
*Building curriculum to fit distance learning.
*Learning CANVAS, ZOOM and other technology.
*Packaging materials, food and supplies for pick-ups and delivery.
*Absorbing the difficult feelings and frustrations of students and parents related to the
  pandemic when we use you as a sounding board.
*The endless Planning, scrapping of plans,    
  replanning cycle that has gotten us to where we     
  are now.

I know that this isn't even half of it.  You've done it all while managing your own emotional and family needs as the pandemic plays out in your own personal lives. 

Most importantly to this mom, you've managed to do all of it and perfect the 'smile with your eyes' that lights my daughter's face when you greet her outside in 5-degree weather and welcome her to school. You are seen and you are appreciated.