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Volunteers Needed for School-wide Zoo Field Trip

Parents or family members electing to be chaperones on the school-wide field trip will need to be vetted by

As the ZOO is a place that anyone can pay and enter, family members not wishing to be chaperones may
elect to meet their student's class at the zoo. Family members not vetted cannot be left with any
student(s) unsupervised. They can walk around with their student and the class, but the student must
stay with the class/group. If a family has more than one student at Campbell STEM, they will need to
arrange times to be with their student's class. All students will stay with their assigned group unless signed
out by a parent. A parent can sign their student out for the day with the teacher or with the office staff
located at the entrance of the zoo.
In addition, as the ZOO is a place that anyone can pay and enter, siblings not enrolled at Campbell STEM
can attend the school-wide field trip to the Zoo. They will need to stay with their parents and are not the
responsibility of ASD or ASD employees.
This does not apply to any other field trips. ALL other field trips will need to have chaperones vetted
through ASD. Siblings not enrolled at Campbell STEM cannot attend any other class/grade-level field trips.
**This is a schoolwide field trip between 9:15 am and 1:15 pm. If you need to drop a student off at
school or pick them up between these times, you will need to go to the Alaska Zoo. **