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ASD Art Show - March 1

Goldenview Middle School is proud to have many student artists work on display for the Anchorage School District student art exhibition.

“Diversity” is the theme of the 47th Annual Anchorage School District student art exhibition at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center. The exhibition is presented in conjunction with National Youth Art Month, an acknowledgement of the visual arts programs in American schools.

The community is cordially invited to attend the Artists’ Reception on Friday, March 1st from 6 to 8 p.m. The reception is to honor artists from all exhibit locations. Admission to the Museum is free during the reception.

The following students have individual artwork in the show:

Emily Edwards, Ashlyn Whalen, Alexis Keaveny, Erik Jones, Jet Kmett, Kaelin Lemon, Ava Von Gemmingen and Liesel Reier.

The following students have artwork included as part of a Goldenview Banner featuring symbolic eclipse drawings:

Grace Ruebling, Shaniah Elliott, Skye Lee, Grainne Rogacki, Kadence Stewart, Brianne Wang, Alexandra Kincaid, Hannah Poole, Reagan Baldwin and Kaelin Lemon.

Mrs. Ellinwood’s entire Advanced Art Class created a mural representing art from many diverse cultures which will also be on display as a “photo-op wall” during the show.