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Busing for Cohort#3 Begins - October 3

Starting this coming Monday, GVMS will have our bus routes reinstated for those who are riding in Cohort #3. Cohort #3 is comprised of the following routes: 78, 79, and 89. This bus service will be operational from October 3 - October 20. After this window, Cohort #3 will then not have bussing for 6 weeks. Special Education bussing and Route 575 will continue with uninterrupted bus service.

Starting on Monday, October 3rd we will return to our established past practice of having our 8th grade students dropped off and picked up at the back bus doors. 7th grade students will be dropped off/picked up at the front of GVMS by the flag poles. We will have signage/cone/lights that divert parents to the appropriate location. In short, the major change is that 8th graders will be dropped off or picked up around the back of the building from October 3 - October 20.

Parents, please verify your child’s bus route and pick up/drop off locations in Q Parent Connect. For those families not in this cohort I want to extend the offer of providing a gas card to help defray transportation costs. Thank you all for being so understanding and student focused in this challenging era. I’m here to serve so please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of assistance. Go Suns!!!


Mr. Nogg


Special Education bussing and Route 575 will continue with an uninterrupted bus service.