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Band and Orchestra Concert!

Hello Lake Hood Orchestra Families,

I’d like to reach out to orchestra families with some important information & reminders as we get through the 2nd quarter and into our first performance of the school year. Now that we are off and running (playing) in a routine, I want to share some things about what you can expect, and ways you can support your child.

December Concert

We will have our first concert on Wednesday, December 14th at 2:30 pm in the Lake Hood MPR. This is a required activity for all orchestra students. 

Here are some important reminders about the concert:

  • Students will play together as a group; students will not be required to play alone, but the opportunity will be offered to students who would like to do so.

  • Concert clothing is black pants and white shirts. Dresses/skirts are optional, should be black in color, and go below the student’s knees while sitting.

    • Please do your best with what you have already; I do not ask that you buy new clothes for the concert. 

  • Ensure your student is at school with their instruments, music, and concert clothes on the day of the concert.

    • If your student is absent, please let me know ASAP so we can discuss an alternative assignment to make up for the concert performance. 

  • You are invited to attend! Family members are welcome to attend if they are able. Please be sure to arrive early to check in at the front office. 





General Class Expectations

Because orchestra only takes place 3 days a week, it is important that your students are prepared for each class with their instrument & supplies, so they do not fall behind in what we learn. Please continue to help your students with the following:

  1. Remembering their instruments & supplies on every orchestra day (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays)

  • The biggest part of their orchestra grade is coming to class prepared and trying their best - this is hard to do without an instrument! 

  • If this is a challenge for your student, I recommend leaving the instrument and all supplies at school, so it is always there on orchestra days. 

  1. Stick with it, even when things get challenging

  • Learning to play an orchestra instrument can be very challenging at times. Help your students work through any frustration and encourage them to stick with it. One of the “life lessons” they will gain from the orchestra is that challenging activities can be the most rewarding activities. 

  • Orchestra is a year-long commitment. Students will choose whether or not they want to continue in 7th grade. Students wanting to quit during 6th grade will need the approval of, their parents/guardian, the Principal, and the Fine Arts Director, and will not be able to rejoin later in the year. 

  • Ask your student to play for you at home! This will encourage them to practice and get used to playing in front of other people.